A sports chiropractor’s main focus is to enhance health and performance and to treat sports injuries in athletes. Sports chiropractic is the science of the neuromusculoskeletal system in athletic sports and the ways in which chiropractors can treat rehabilitation and enhance the athlete’s abilities. A sports chiropractor can help out in treating sports injuries and sustaining a healthy physical way of life.

Sports Chiropractic Advantages

Sports chiropractic is a trained profession in the United States. Much like physical therapists a sports chiropractor specializes in his/her field of study before starting to treat patients.

Many Football teams across America have hired a sports chiropractor to aid in treating sports injuries and maintaining the good physical health conditions of their athletes.

Today, with the growing awareness of health and sports many people train in various amateur sports activities. While not as rigorous as professional sports, today’s amateur athletes keep a strenuous physical exercise program. Unfortunately many professional athletes and amateur athletes do incur injuries along their routine exercises.

The science of sports chiropractic can aid these athletes in healing from sports injuries and overcoming injuries by keeping their bodies at top performance.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

An added advantage in going to see a sports chiropractor is the help he/she can offer in healing from sports injuries. Sports injury rehabilitation is a common cause for visiting a chiropractor in the United States. While many sports teams also employ a dedicated physician, they commonly also employ a sports chiropractor to help them through the rehabilitation progress of the sports injury.

Sports injuries are different in nature as they usually affect a different part of the body. Most common injuries which can be helped by a sports chiropractor include:

  • Strain – Cause by trauma to muscles from over stretching or submitting the muscle fibers to excessive strain which can cause tearing of muscle fibers.
  • Bone fractures – Which demand a lengthy rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
  • Spinal cord injuries – caused by trauma to the spinal cord.
  • Sprain – Sprain injuries occur when a ligament is stretched beyond its own capacity.
  • Head injury – Usually caused by trauma to the head.
  • Neck injuries – Caused by strains or trauma to muscles and the spine.

Sports Chiropractors in Los Angeles

Sports chiropractors are usually employed by leading Football, Baseball and Basketball teams in the United States. They offer their team’s athletes routine exercises and treatments which help them to maintain peak sport performance abilities.

However, some sports chiropractors also offer their services to the general public. At Courtyard Wellness our Los Angeles and West Hollywood clinics do offer sports injury treatment and numerous sports rehabilitation programs.

Our chiropractors, Dr. Drew Gordon and Dr. Hugh Gordon have an extensive sports background themselves as they were professional athletes. Visiting a sports chiropractor is the first step towards maintaining an orderly and healthier athletic life. Many of our patients who have suffered from sports injuries have shown tremendous improvements in neuromusculoskeletal performance and agility.

Don’t wait for your body to collapse under the strain of physical exercise and get the knowledge you need to enhance your sports performance with an experienced sports chiropractor.

Call our Los Angeles, CA and West Hollywood clinics to learn how our chiropractor can help with sports injuries.