While many acupuncturists and doctors have noticed a reduction in stress due to acupuncture treatments, the biological evidence to link acupuncture with stress relief has yet to be produced. Scientists are now claiming that a stronger correlation between the two is being observed.

To test the theory of acupuncture’s effect on anxiety scientists have conducted an experiment in lab rats. They have created 4 test groups to help them test their theory. Then they subjected these groups to stress and treatment of stress throughout 10 days. One group was the control (which was subjected to no stress and given no acupuncture treatment); the second group of rats received no acupuncture treatment and was stressed out for an hour each day; The third group was given a placebo stress treatment and was stressed out for an hour each day; and the last group was stressed out for an hour each day and received effective acupuncture treatment.

The results showed that only the 4th group of rats which received correct acupuncture treatment for anxiety experienced lower stress levels (which were evaluated according to the percentage of the HPA axis hormones and the sympathetic NPY pathway).

This study results were published at Journal of Endocrinology. Study was conducted at Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC). Read more about this study here.

Will Acupuncture Treatment make me Stress Free?

Acupuncture is a helpful way to reduce stress to many patients. However, it is always important to remember that certain health or medical treatments are not always as effective on every individual. People tend to experience different levels of stress relief while being treated in the same manner. Most of our patients do visit our acupuncturists and are very happy with the results they are experiencing.

So acupuncture should be tested by you and once you have confirmed that it works and you are feeling less stressed then you can commit to an extended period of treatment.

It’s also important to remember that many people at either our Los Angeles clinic or our West Hollywood clinic get a variety of treatments which do include chiropractic, physical therapy and additional treatments on top of the treatment they receive from our acupuncturist. Sometimes this combination of treatments is the way that patients reduce their stress.

To our doctors medical experience acupuncture is an effective way on its own to reduce and alleviate stress related issues.