Can acupuncture help lose weight? Many doctors believe that acupuncture can be an effective part in your weight loss strategy. The benefits of acupuncture when it comes to weight loss are in stabilizing the Qi in a person’s body and in doing so allowing for the correct flow of energy throughout the body’s meridians.

Scientists have found that acupuncture and weight loss are related in the way that acupuncture treatments can help to reduce leptin, the hormone which regulates fat storage and increase ghrelin, the hormone which controls meal initiation.

Additional findings have concluded that acupuncture for weight loss also helps in liver functionality (the part of our body which is also responsible in part for effective digestion, breaking down fats and absorbing nutrients).

Acupuncture has also been linked to help in obesity related issues and aiding in weight loss by:

  • Enhancing nutrients absorption in the body
  • Limiting appetite
  • Stopping food cravings
  • Improving digestion
  • Powering up metabolism
  • And regulating obesity related hormones like: Leptin and Ghrelin

Treatment of Acupuncture for Weight Loss

The acupuncture for weight loss treatment is usually centered on focal Qi points located in the ear. By stimulating these points the patient is able to control his/her appetite and additional cravings which may cause eating disorders.

Acupuncturists will stimulate four major ear Qi points which are:

  • The endocrine point
  • Shen Men point
  • The hunger point
  • And the stomach point

Stimulation of these Qi points will also help in the regulatory work of obesity related hormones and will aid in proper digestion.

An acupuncturist will often use very fine needles to gently stimulate the four Qi points located in the patient’s ear which are directly related with weight loss. Patients do not experience any pain during this procedure as the needles are so fine that no sensation is registered when they enter the skin.

How to start your Acupuncture Weight Loss Program

It is important to follow a few simple guidelines when you are looking to start acupuncture treatments for weight loss. Here are some pointers to help you out:

  • Only choose a licensed and registered acupuncturist
  • Registered acupuncturists can provide acupuncture treatments for weight loss but it is important to look for the – L.Ac. – Which stands for licensed acupuncturist before you schedule your appointment.
  • Licensed acupuncturists can be doctors such as chiropractors who have undergone a postgraduate program of study.
  • Acupuncture for weight loss is a full length program. You should give it the necessary time in order to complete a full course of treatment and see if the results have been helpful afterwards.
  • Weight loss acupuncture can be incorporated as part of a more encompassing weight loss program or strategy (it is always recommended to consult with your doctor and inform your acupuncturist if you are taking any dietary medication or are involved in any other forms of diet programs which may have an effect on your treatment.

At Courtyard Wellness we offer acupuncture weight loss treatments. Come visit our Los Angeles clinic and West Hollywood clinic to speak with our acupuncturists and see how we can help you to start losing weight with acupuncture.