Meet our chiropractors in Los Angeles, Dr. Drew Gordon and Dr. Hugh Gordon. At Courtyard Wellness our chiropractic professionals are experts in knowing how the human body works, including how it responds to misaligned joints and sport and car related injuries. Chiropractors understand that both age and stress related issues can have a direct effect on how your body moves and deals with diseases.

Our chiropractors take the time to learn and understand each of our patients before applying the necessary chiropractic care. We encourage all our patients to tell our chiropractors about their back pain problems, their neck pains, and their injuries. By sharing your health information, day to day life style and asking all the questions about your health we work together to create the best treatment possible.

Our chiropractors also have a clinic in West Hollywood, California.

Meet our Los Angeles Chiropractors:

chiropractor Drew Downtown Los AngelesDr. Drew Gordon

Dr. Drew Gordon, DC grew up in Los Angeles, CA. As a teen he attended Beverly Hills High School and started to develop his infatuation with physical education and health. Read More…

chiropractor hugh West Los AngelesDr. Hugh Gordon

Dr. Hugh Gordon, DC is a native of Los Angeles, CA. As a child he grew up in Los Angeles and has attended Beverly Hills High School together with his brother. Read More…

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